I thought I should play with dwm patches.

Something that I try and avoid...life is short!

Anyway, I installed a fresh version of dwm atop Debian Sid+Liquorix kernel...

How did I apply the patches? Let us take the alpha patch as an example;

1.alpha patch = https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/alpha/

downloaded to dwm folder and as root;

patch -p1 < dwm-alpha-20180613-b69c870.diff
make clean install

2.status button - adds a clickable button that by default launches dmenu

3.active indicator bar - adds a bar above the tag

dwm.c line 1558


change to;



statis const unsigned int barsize = 9;

[dwm] the real wm from unixporn

4. fibonacci layouts

[Alt]+[d] = dwindle

[Alt]+[s] = spiral


5. noborder = no border on single window...

NOTE: To install the Liquorix kernel I had to add the repo key manually;

sudo gpg --recv-key (insert key number)  && sudo gpg -a --export (insert key number)  | sudo apt-key add -