I have been frustrated by the download speeds achieved on my Netgear R-7800 dedicated OpenVPN router. I use TorGuard on a 200/100Mbps fibre connection.

Until now I was maxing out at 40/40Mbps using OpenVPN....

I have just found this config tweak to add to DD-WRT startup command.

for CPUFREQ in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor; do [ -f $CPUFREQ ] || continue; echo -n performance > $CPUFREQ; done

It would appear that Netgear R-7800 utilizes 'CPU frequency scaling' and the CPU could be running anywhere between 384 MHz on idle to 1700 MHz under a load.

This tweak runs the CPU(s) at performance mode 1725MHz. at the expense of a 3C rise in CPU core temp(s) [pre tweak cpu speed was +/-800MHz.]



RESULT= 110/100Mbps


One happy bunny...